Sadie Lincoln is the founder of the Barre3 studios where the barre3 exercises were developed from. The 3 in Barre3 represents balance – balance in mind, body, and life in general. Incorporating ballet barre work, yoga, and Pilates, Lincoln was able to develop a range of exercises that brought together the benefits of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Some people like ballet, some people like yoga. Other people like ballet and Pilates. Barre3 is a way to bring together the three to achieve optimum balance that everyone needs to function well everyday with a workout that is dynamic and sophisticated.

Sadie Lincoln has been teaching group exercises for more than 20 years now. She was given a Graduate Assistantship from the College of William & Mary where she was able to develop fitness programs while earning a master’s degree for higher education administration. It just seemed like a natural move for her because the progression from just teaching group exercises to actually developing them is intuitive for her. It also doesn’t hurt that her husband was also interested in the same concerns she did. Today, she teaches Barre3 in her flagship studio in Portland, Oregon, and conducts trainings for Barre3 instructors and owners of studios all over the world. Wherever there is interest in Barre3, Lincoln most probably already found her way there. She also has a team of professional dancers, doctors, athletes, Pilates enthusiasts, and yogis to help her work with the evolution of Barre3.

Sadie Lincoln considers creating and owning Barre3 the greatest accomplishment she has to date. She and her husband developed the idea for the company based on finding a way to live life to the fullest and are absolutely thrilled that a lifestyle-oriented career is working out great for both of them. Barre3 is co-founded by Lincoln with Chris Lincoln and Mark Mastrov.